City Guide- Merida, Yucatan

The capital of the Yucatan region of Mexico, many tourists simply use Merida as a stopover, a resting point before their ‘real’ travels. With a population just shy of a million people, Merida has a unique cultural place in Mexico. It has the highest number of indigenous inhabitants of any large city in Mexico, with just over 60% of the… Read more →

Animal Tourim in SE Asia

Think Twice-Animal Tourism in SE Asia

Very few people within the travelling community these days will willingly admit that once upon a time ‘riding an elephant’ and ‘petting a tiger’ were the top of their bucket lists. These days, there is more and more scrutiny being placed on tour operators (rightfully so!) that offer these experiences and it is now widely accepted that poor animal tourism… Read more →

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Plus-Size Travel Basics: Styles from Harlow Australia

So, in keeping with tradition of late, I would like to introduce you to some more of my favourite pieces for building a capsule wardrobe. These 4 wardrobe basics come from local Australian company Harlow, and offer stylish and versatile additions to any travelling plus-sized girls wardrobe. THE CLOTHES: First up; The Riders on the Storm Slimline Pants are a unique… Read more →


Plus-Size Travel Problems…and Why You Shouldn’t Give a F***

Any group of travellers faces a distinct set of problems and issues to consider- women, solo travellers, couples, travellers with children. And plus-sized jet-setters. Several larger ladies that I know occasionally bring up problems that they face when travelling, and often their confidence takes a dip when they face these issues. I have even seen a post of two on forums asking ‘Am… Read more →


Plus-Size Travelling Wardrobe-The perfect LBD

Generally, I’ve found that size-inclusive travel clothes are few and far between. Most clothes promoted for the travelling lass stop at a 16, and those multi-way dresses barely cover a stick figure. My solution: build my own plus-size capsule wardrobe, made up of several basic pieces that are versatile, well-constructed, light and comfortable. I have also reached out to several… Read more →

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Packing the Perfect Carry-On

There are pages and pages of blog posts, article and general opinions on how to cram as much crap as possible into your suitcase, not go over the airline’s baggage limits, fit in that extra pair of shoes and still ensure you’ve packed more than a single pair of underwear. But truth be told, if you’ve forgotten something, buy it… Read more →